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Stoptober Make the Switch to Vaping

What Is Vaping?

Vaping is the word commonly used to refer the use of an electronic cigarette or ‘e-cigarette’. It was initially created as a method to help reduce or replace smoking. Vaping is a way to get nicotine straight into the blood stream without inhaling all other chemicals which means it’s mostly targeted at those who wish to quit smoking.

Vaping works by heating a substance called e-liquid by using a battery powered device that heats up a coil which is soaked with e-liquid, vapour will be produced from heating the e-liquid which can then be inhaled.

Vaping is a popular form of smoking cessation as it is 95% less harmful than traditional tobacco* and produces vapour rather than health-damaging smoke.
There are roughly 3 million people in the UK alone who currently use e-cigarettes as their preferred method of giving up smoking.

*PHE – Public Health England, an executive agency of the Department of Health in the UK. 


Have you ever woken up, opened your wardrobe and been hit with a smell of cigarettes?
Has your partner given you grief because your breath and skin smells of cigarettes?
Are you tired of overspending on cigarettes?
Are your kids giving you grief and are worried for your health?

Are you ready to make the switch!? 

You don’t have to wait until the new year to quit smoking, we all know it’s difficult breaking a bad habit, whether it’s big or small. It’s daunting, especially when it comes to quitting smoking and not knowing where to start. This October, we can help you break two habits; overspending on cigarettes and smoking tobacco.

  • Here at Vapox, we have created a few tips to help you switch and experience a life with nicer skin, better smelling clothes, more energy and a healthier you with massive savings!
  • 28 days – It has been reported that you are more likely to quit smoking if you are able to avoid smoking for 28 days.
  • Treat yourself to a good setup – This is the first and most crucial step you'll take when starting to vape is choosing a good starter kit. We have devices to suit the lightest to the heaviest smokers in a range of styles and colours to suit everyone.
  • Nicotine Salt– Not many people like the harshness of a high strength e-liquid, instead, why not try nicotine salt? Nicotine Salts or Nic Salt is nicotine found in the tobacco plant but in its purest form, it is smoother and features a lighter throat hit and a more improved flavour when compared to freebase nicotine, it is the closest feeling to a cigarette in the vaping world.
  • Convert a friend or partner?– It is more likely you can succeed in your smoke free journey if you convert another person and start the journey with a friend. When times are tough, you can help each other out.
  • Backup E-liquid– Make sure to always have a spare bottle of your favourite e-liquid, it really is a nightmare when running out of juice. 10ml’s would usually last around 3 days for beginners using a standard nicotine e-liquid and 7 days using nicotine salt. We also offer same day delivery within a 2-mile radius from our store, so you can get your liquids even if you can't get to the store.
  • Try new flavours– There are many e-liquid flavours currently on the market, with more being produced daily. You never know how long you will enjoy your flavour for, it’s always good to rotate between at least two flavours.
  • Many options– There are many devices out there, you will always be able to find one suited to you. Even if it isn’t the first setup you chose, keep looking and you will manage to do the transition.
  • Savings! – On average, people save around £1,500 per year after making the change.


Nicotine StrengthSuitable forType of Tank
1.0% (10MG) Nicotine SaltAround 10 cigarettes a dayUsually for MTL
2.0% (20MG) Nicotine SaltAround 20 cigarettes a dayUsually for MTL
  • As you progress on your vaping journey, your cravings will decrease which means you will gradually reduce the nicotine strength accordingly.
  • Choosing the right e-Liquid Flavour:
    Here at Vapox we have a massive selection of the best e-liquids that suit every style of vape kit. Browse through our extensive range of flavours to find something that will tantalise your taste buds. We have flavours ranging from Tobaccos to Menthols, Fruits to Desserts in many nicotine strengths. 
  • Choosing the right Vape Kit:
    There are so many e-cigarette kits available on the market which makes it confusing for those that are new to the scene. At Vapox we have multiple vape kits for those looking to make the switch and even for those wanting to continue their journey of a smoke free life.

    We recommend starting with a classic starter kit as these normally include all the necessary components you need to get you up and running. These kits also require less assembly, maintenance and knowledge to use them. Another recommendation is a Pod Style Kit, these are very popular amongst beginner and intermediate vapers. These can be either prefilled with e-liquid that contains nicotine or an empty pod that you fill with your preferred e-liquid.  

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