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Best E Liquid You Must Try - Vapox’s Top 5

February 23, 2021 2 min read

Best E Liquid You Must Try - Vapox’s Top 5

The vaperverse is growing day by the day as more people have embraced vaping as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. This staggering growth has led to a myriad of options when it comes to e-liquid flavours. And whether you're a vaping neophyte or enthusiast, you're most likely wondering who sells the best e-liquid or how to choose your e-liquid in an attempt to get the right one for you.

The problem with so many options is that you are likely to get overwhelmed by them. But the good news is that there is an e-liquid for everyone - no matter your personality and preferences!

Some of the Best E Liquids To Try: 

This is all decided based on sales performance, reviews and feedback from experienced vapers!


  1. Twelve Monkeys

This brand has been a popular option in the vaping community for some time. It offers various ranges and is available in 50ml shortfills with space for a 10 nicotine shot of your choice. This is a great pick if you are into fruity flavours.


  1. Doozy Vape Salts

Doozy Vape Co offers premium quality e-liquids ranging from menthol, ice, fruits, dessert, candy and cocktail blends. It's an ideal option for vapers of all experience levels.


  1. Monsta Vape

You will surely have a great vaping experience with these fruity Malaysian flavours including Zesty Grappy apple and grape. You can choose the option with or without mint.


  1. Chefs Vapours

The fact that it is operated by two professionally trained chefs says a lot. They have been able to use their vast experience to come up with some delicious e-liquid flavours.


     5. Double Drip

Double drip offers a wide collection of different flavours - from candy and fruit to dessert. From your first trial, you will be able to conclude that this UK brand means business. You really need to try this one!

Bonus - Vapox Vape E-Liquids

We have taken a consumer-centred approach as we aim to bring you some of the best e-liquids from around the globe. You can choose from our wide range of e-liquid flavours and be sure to have a satisfying vaping experience.

We have now covered our list of best e-liquids you must try. We bet this list will help you get the right one for you. Get in touch with us for more information.

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