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Vape Accessories Every Vaper Needs - Coils, Batteries & More

March 16, 2021 3 min read

vape accessories

Vaping is interesting because you can tailor the experience to satisfy your preferences perfectly. Whether you are using a Vape pen or a mode you’ll want to have these vape accessories in hand at all times.

So we’ve put together a list of essential vape accessories you’ll need so you can customise and enhance your vaping, this will make the experience more enjoyable and convenient.

Vape Coils 

An essential item in vaping is vape coils; it is responsible for transforming vape juice into vapour. The vaping experience you desire will determine the resistances and coil materials to use. Resistance is measured with the help of an Ohm meter. Low resistance coils produce warmer vapour and larger clouds, whereas high resistance coils produce a cooler vape with less current. So the choice is yours depending on if you want big clouds or more discreet clouds. You may notice when your coil needs changing, and with a replacement on hand, you’ll make your life a lot easier.  

Extra Batteries   

If your vaping device is removable, you should carry a spare to make a quick swap. It is also vital to carry along a portable USB charger which you can charge your device on hand. Batteries and battery chargers come in all different forms USB chargers, portable battery cases, chargers, or external batteries.

Vape Juice  

E-liquids are used in vape kits and tanks, and it comes in multiple flavours ranging from fruits to desserts and tobacco. You can most certainly find the best flavour of liquid to vape if you look in the right place. E-liquid is among the various vape accessories you most definitely don’t want to run out of, it is the cherry on top that brings true satisfaction, even if you are a coffee lover there is a vape liquid for you. 

Pod System  

As a vaper, vape pods are an essential part of your experiences. This pod system comes is in two categories; the pre-filled, also called closed pods, it uses cartridges that are pre-filled with e-liquids. Meanwhile, the refillable pod system, also known as the open pod system, comes with an empty cartridge that is manually filled by the user.

The main advantage of this refillable pod is that it allows users to choose and fill in their favourite juice flavour. When vaping on a refillable pod system and you notice a burn or a stale taste, your juice looks darker or there is little or no flavour, then it is time to change your vape pod. 

To avoid inconvenience, it is best to keep an extra pod around. You can get the best replacement pods at Vapox from brands such as smok, aspire, and uwell.

A Good Storage Case 

How you handle your vape device will determine how long it will last. It is essential to invest in a suitable storage for your vape. This will save you time, money, and effort as your vape gear will be in one safe place and easily accessible.  

If you are new to vaping, you want to ensure you do it the right way so you do not end up giving up half-way through.  

Visit our online vape shop for the essential vape accessories you need to level up your vaping experience.


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