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Cost of Vaping

March 11, 2021 3 min read

How Much Does Vaping Cost?

You might be a smoker looking to quit and do the conversion to vaping. You might want to do this as you have heard that vaping is 95% safer than smoking and is cheaper than smoking. If you are afraid that vaping might break the bank, then rest assured as this is not usually the case. Vaping can be cheap, especially if your goal is to quit smoking. Even in the long run, if vaping becomes a hobby, there are ways to do it on a budget.

How much are vapes?

The cost of vaping fits into most budgets. Prices have increased recently due to tariffs on Chinese imports however, vapes can be affordable, particularly if your primary goal is to quit smoking.

If starting to vape when trying to quit smoking, a beginner vape is very affordable. This type of vaping is perfect for those looking to learn using devices with different styles and performances. These vapes are known as disposables, pod systems, AIOs (All in Ones) and MTL tanks (Mouth-to-Lungs).

Average Prices:

Disposables: £6 - £20

Pod Systems: £20 - £35

AIOs: £25+

As mentioned above, these prices are an average. There are products on the market that are more advanced and cost more. Not necessarily better, they might have more features such as temperature control, bypass mode or simply look better.

Replacement Coils:

Vape Coils are the replaceable element in Vape kits, tanks and pods. It is the coil that takes power from the vape battery and generates heat which is subsequently used to turn e-liquid into vapour. A standard coil is made by wrapping a wire around and threading cotton through. The wire creates heat, while the cotton works to absorbs the e-liquid in the tank. The two work together; as aforementioned the cotton absorbs the e-liquid, whilst the wire is heating up and creating vapour.

In some pod kits you don’t need to replace the coil, you simply replace the whole pod. The coil is still in the pod; however, you are not able to replace it, you can only replace the pod.


Replacement Coils:  £2 – £5 per coil

Replacement Pods: £3 - £5 per pod

Replacement coils and pods usually come in a pack. Pods can come in a pack of 2-3 pods and coils can come in a pack of 3-5 coils.

How much is E-liquid?

E-liquid is the most personal part of vaping, this is different to all of us and down to personal preference. Vapers are expected to vape between 1ml – 10ml of e-liquid per day. Consumption of e-liquid will vary depending on the device, user and nicotine strength.

E-liquid bottle sizes range from 10ml to 150ml. Prices vary depending on quality, brand and flavours. In general, bottles of e-liquid vary from £5 to £20.

Prefilled vape pods contain e-liquid, the initial cost is cheaper than a refillable pod. But due to TPD, we are restricted to 2ml of e-liquid in a pod which is a small percentage compared to a bottle of 10ml e-liquid. A prefilled pod holds 1.5ml to 2ml of e-liquid, pods can come in packs of 2 – 4 pods.

Cost Saving Tips:

  • Look on the sale section on vape websites, there are usually discounted devices.
  • Try cheaper brands such as in-house brands.
  • Maybe try wrapping your own coils and use RDA’s.


A vape kit, replacement coils and e-liquid costs around £50 for the initial set-up, however, afterwards, you would only need to stock-up on e-liquid and coils which costs around £30 -£50 per month. This is considerably cheaper than smoking as on average, a box of 20 cigarettes costs £9 - £11.

Disposable and prefilled pods come at a low upfront cost but will probably increase in the long run depending on consumption. They are practical and by far the easiest way to vape.

If you have any questions about vaping costs or vaping in general, do not hesitate to contact us.

Vapox Team

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