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Best Way To Stop Smoking: Smoking vs Vaping (Lab Results)

January 19, 2021 3 min read

best way to stop smoking


2021 is a great year to try to quit smoking and try vaping instead. Public Health England launched a campaign video back in 2019 that showed the dangers of traditional cigarettes by carrying out an experiment demonstrating how e-cigarettes are a lot less harmful.

The experiment that took place shows the impact of smoking cigarettes, vaping e-cigarettes and neither… the results are shocking!

Smoking vs vaping - watch lab results



Taking place at the University College London, Dr Lion Shahab uses 3 bell jars for the experiment. One jar is set up to smoke the average number of cigarettes smoked by smokers in a month, the second jar is set up to vape an e-cigarette for the same amount of time and the third jar is clear air to demonstrate not smoking or vaping.



As expected, the cigarette jar was revolting and contained lumps of tar. The video shows that a considerable amount of tar goes and stays inside the lungs, bear in mind, this is only after a month of smoking cigarettes.

Unsurprisingly, the e-cigarette jar was as clean as a whistle. Due to the vapour, it caused the balls and jar to get wet and one of the balls suffered from a discolouration. Other than that, the jar, balls and tube were all clean…



As we can see, Dr Lion Shahab’s research shows that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful than cigarettes. We can also see that tar plays a big part in why tobacco products are very dangerous as tar causes lung cells to die and linked to diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and cancer. Cigarette smoke destroys the “cilia” (fine hairs that line our upper airways and help protects us against infection. 

There are currently six million smokers in the UK, Public Health England thinks that about half a million of them will try and stop smoking this January. Will you be one of them? 

Turning to Vaping may just be the best way to stop smoking and improve your health. Giving up smoking is usually easier to stick too if you do it with a friend or your partner.


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We know that quitting smoking is a tough one, most of us have been there. We also know that leaving cigarettes and taking up vaping doesn’t work immediately for all of us, for some it can be immediate, for others it can take a few months and some, it never happens.

Luckily, nowadays there is so much variety to help you complete the journey, endless devices such as Mouth-to-Lung or Direct-to-Lung, Single battery or Dual battery, box mod, pod style or pen style… Not only this but new flavoured e-liquids are released daily.

If you are a smoker who wants to quit, there are many options that will work for you, there is no reason to say, “I tried vaping, and it didn’t work”, if you are here searching for the best way to stop smoking, we will help you find the right device and flavour most suited to you at this moment in time.


We have a range of support available be it by phone, live chat via our website or pop into one of our store, we are on hand to offer support and advice at every stage.


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