The Best Pre-Filled Vape Kits: Find The Brand Most Suited To You


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What is the Best Pre-filled Vape Kit

January 04, 2021 3 min read

Vape Kit

What is the best Pre-filled Pod vape kits?

In the vaping world of pre-filled pods, there are a few companies that dominate the vape industry by them being in the hands of many vapers. In this product comparison we will be talking about JUUL, MyBlu, Dot and Vype.

Nevertheless, all brands are impressive and there isn’t a distinct answer to which one is better than the others. 

Instead of proving which brand is superior, we’ll break down the devices, the features each brand offers, pros and cons to help you decide which brand is most suited to you.

vape kits


myBlu is owned by Imperial Brands one of the biggest international tobacco companies. In 2015, myBlu was the second most popular e-cigarette in the US. Some vapers don’t like the fact that myBlu is owned by a tobacco company. myBlu offers their myBlu intense starter vape kits which features a device with a menthol and golden tobacco pod with nicotine salt.

The Pros:

  • 12 flavours to choose from
  • Different nicotine strengths
  • Two different nicotine types (freebase/salt)
  • Lifetime warranty on devices

The Cons:

  • Feels cheap
  • Construction could be better
  • Reports of leakage

Price: £20 for Intense Kit / £6 per pack of pods.

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Dot Vape is owned by a vape company called Liberty Flights, they are the newest pre-filled pod device on the market. They are made by vapers for vapers. The Dot Vape is powered by a 350mAh with a 30-minute fast charge. In the kit you will receive the device and one pod of the flavour you choose. 

Moreover, the pods used in the Dot standout because they are 2ml capacity, whereas other pods are 0.7ml - 1.5ml.

The Pros:

  • Not expensive
  • Many Flavours available
  • Did a collaboration with Vampire Vape
  • Big 2ml pods
  • Nicotine Salt

The Cons:

  • Battery Capacity
  • Limited Nicotine and flavour options
  • But it is expensive compared to alternatives

Price: £14 for Kit / £7 per pack of pods.

vape kits

JUULwas initially founded by herbal vapourisers PAX Labs and JUUL is the most recognised e-cigarette on the market. Sleek, stylish and incredibly effective, the JUUL is one of the closest experiences a vaper will get to smoking without the combustion and tar. The JUUL was built for smokers to convert to vaping. 

The JUUL C1 Vape Device is powered by a built-in 280mAh battery and comes with four 0.7ml JUUL pods; one in each of the most well-known flavours; Glacier Mint, Mango Nectar, Royal Creme and Golden Tobacco.

The Pros:

  • Slim and Portable
  • Nicotine Salt
  • Superior construction
  • Buttonless Design
  • Cigarette-like Draw

The Cons:

  • Battery Capacity
  • Limited Nicotine and flavour options
  • But it is expensive compared to alternatives

Price: £30 for Kit / £11 per pack of pods.

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Vypeis the largest pre-filled pod kit of the bunch. Vype is owned by British American Tobacco (BAT) but they focus on the giving smokers an alternative to combustion and tobacco. Vype presents vapers with unique vape kits that has been engineered to be as satisfying as possible. 

The ePen 3 is a large pod kit that features a nice curvy shape to make it more ergonomic and easier to fit in the pocket. Controlled by a single button and powered by a 650mAh battery which will last well over a day or two. A pod is rated to last 200 puffs and comes in either nicotine salt or freebase nicotine.


  • Many flavours
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • 2ml Pod capacity
  • Two different types of nicotine


  • Biggest mod on the list
  • Feels cheap

Price: £20 for kit / £5.50 per pack of pods



We can see that there is a lot of options when it comes to pre-filled vape pods. There is no better than the rest but it’s all down to personal preference.

Most people will start with JUUL or Vype and gradually change to a refillable pod kit where they will be able to pick any flavour. Each kit has its pro’s and con’s, but we are sure you will find the right one for you.

If you need any help choosing which pre-filled pod kit you think is suited to you, we are always on hand to offer help and advice whether it's by phone, store or live chat via our website.

Visit our online shop for starter kits, vapes tanks, and vape e liquids from basic flavours to the most premium complex blends of e-liquid. As well as sales on selected vape products.


Vapox Team 

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