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What are Vape Coils?

March 15, 2021 6 min read

vape coils


Vape Coils

Vape Coils are considered the heart of vaping. These are the replaceable element in Vape kits, tanks and pods. It is the coil that takes power from the vape battery and generates heat which is subsequently used to turn e-liquid into vapour. A standard coil is made by wrapping a wire around and threading cotton through.

The wire creates heat, while the cotton works to absorbs the e-liquid in the tank. The two work together; as aforementioned the cotton absorbs the e-liquid, whilst the wire is heating up and creating vapour.

Coils come in a variety of resistances, builds and materials which all offer different experiences to vapers and help match particular vaping styles.

Manufacturers create specific coils for their tanks and pods, you might receive compatible coils in your original box when purchasing a kit or tank. Please note that you should always check when buying replacement coils as there might be new and improved coils for your tank.


What is Ohm’s Law?

The resistance of a coil is measured in Ohms. Vapers have a guide called Ohm’s Law. This describes the relationship between current, power and resistance. You can alter your current and power in your vape by adjusting your resistance and voltage of your device.

By increasing your voltage or lowering your resistance, you will increase the current (Power). More power means more warmth, vapour production and flavour. It is useful to understand Ohm’s Law as it relates to your vaping experience which can help decide which coil is then best for you and your vape,


What are the different kinds of vape coils?   

Mouth to Lung Coil

 Mouth to Lung (MTL) coils get their name from the way vapers use them. Mouth to lung describes the process of inhaling vapour into the mouth then carrying the vapour into the lungs (similar to smoking a traditional cigarette). This style of vaping is the most popular amongst those that have started vaping in order to quit smoking as users are familiar with this style of inhaling. In order for a coil to be a mouth to lung coil, it would need to be higher than 1.0 Ohm which will produce a minimal amount of vapour.

However, MTL coils are not just for beginners. They also increase the flavour of e-liquids and they also consume less e-liquid, which makes them ideal for those looking for better flavour experience and vapers on a budget.


Sub Ohm Coils

Sub ohm coils are designed for creating large vapour production (Cloud). The name sub ohm is due to the resistance of the coil, being less than 1.0 Ohm. As the resistance is low, the coil will accept a greater level of power which will heat more e-liquid at a much faster rate and produce more output of vapour. Sub ohm coils are also known as Direct to Lung (DTL) coils because when vaping in this style, you will inhale the vapour directly to your lungs instead of holding it in your mouth first.

In order to use sub ohm coils, you will need to have a vape kit that can support high power and a coil that is lower than 1.0 Ohm. Bigger kits are more expensive and are recommended for advanced vapers as these can be complicated to start with.


Rebuildable Coils?

Rebuildable coils are designed to be used in rebuildable atomisers. These can be RDA’s, RBA’s, RDTA’s and RTA’s. These coils require greater knowledge to use safely and the knowledge of Ohm’s Law including battery safety. By knowing how to rebuild your own coils, you are able to pick an exact resistance by using the metals of your choosing, such as; titanium, nickel, kanthal or NiChrome.


Coil Power level?

There is no right or wrong when It comes to “what wattage should I use with my coil”. It really all comes down to; personal preference and finding a sweet spot that will give you great flavour whilst giving a satisfying hit and vapour production.

Most modern coils will have the recommended power level printed on them, if you stay within the range advised, you will have a better vaping experience. If you do not know which power to use, we recommend setting up your device at the lowest wattage and slowly but gradually increase the power by 5 – 10w after each puff, until you find the perfect power for you.

If you purchase a kit with a fixed wattage such as the Aspire Pockex AIO, the device will deliver the power output to match the coil you have installed in the tank. 


What E-liquid do I use with my coils?

The great thing about vaping is the variety of e-liquids. Coils play a big part when choosing your e-liquid as they aren’t all compatible with one another. This comes down to two factors; Thickness (Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG)) and nicotine strength.

E-liquid consists of; VG (Vegetable Glycerin), PG (Propylene Glycol), flavourings and nicotine. E-liquids with a higher amount of PG are thinner which require less power to be heated into vapour. Whereas, e-liquids with a higher amount percentage of VG will be thicker which require more power to be vapourised.

PG bonds flavour and nicotine to the e-liquid which means that e-liquid with a higher PG percentage means an increase in flavour, whereas, a higher percentage of VG relates to an increase in cloud production.

For Mouth to Lung coils we recommend using e-liquids that are between 0 – 60% VG with a nicotine level of 6mg and higher.

For Sub ohm coils we recommend using e-liquids that are 65% VG or higher with a nicotine level of 6mg or lower.


How to install a vape coil?

Setting up a coil is the most important part when vaping, make sure it is done correctly for a better experience. Some tanks and kits come with a coil pre-installed, please check it is installed correctly and secure before use.

The way to install your coils is by firstly, unscrewing the base of the tank. You could be met with a rubber band, this is called an O-ring, make sure these are intact and you do not lose them. O-rings secure the tank and prevent leakage. Insert the coil into the base of the tank and tighten it by hand (do not over tighten it as you won’t be able to unscrew it when replacing is ). Once screwed in, screw the base back to the tank, and fill the tank with e-liquid (some tanks have a top-fill mechanism, and some are filled from the base). Once filled with e-liquid, leave the tank upright for 5-10 minutes so that the cotton and wire get saturated (make sure you do not skip this step as your coil can burn which makes it unusable).

The way you install a rebuildable coil is by screwing them into your rebuildable atomiser tanks deck and thread your organic cotton through the coils. Then you would proceed to soak the coil and cotton with the e-liquid of your choice. The result of this is a great experience of your choosing, whether it be a MTL coil or DTL coil delivering great flavour and vapour production.


When to change vape coil?

Coils will need to be changed eventually, most manufacturers recommend changing a coils every 1 – 2 weeks of use. To detect if your coil needs changing look at the list below:

Taste – We can all know when a coil needs changing as the flavour lacks. If you can taste burning, metal or anything off (compared to what you were tasting before), then we recommend replacing the coil straight away.

Smell – If there is a smell of burnt metal or burnt e-liquid coming from your tank it means you have vaped at a too high wattage or your coil needs replacing. Firstly, try reducing the wattage, if the smell persists then you will need to replace your coil.

Look – If the above have occurred, have a look at your coil. If the cotton in the coil has darken or turned black, it means that the coil has deteriorated. We recommend changing the coil if this happens.


How do I look after my coils?


We cannot guarantee that your coils will last longer however, below are some tips that can increase the lifetime of your coils.

  1. Make sure your coil is primed before using it. This means that before using your vape, after adding your coil, you need to drip a drop of e-liquid onto the exposed cotton which allows the e-liquid to soak the cotton faster. (Be sure to wait 5 – 10 minutes after doing this to vape).
  2. Try not to ‘Chain Vape’ – Chain vaping is where the user vapes continuously in a short time. This reduces the life of your coil as you are constantly using it and you can also risk the possibility of getting a dry hit which is where the e-liquid takes too long to reach the cotton resulting in a burnt taste.
  3. Try using lower VG liquids as VG is sweeter which can result in a faster burning coil. High VG e-liquids tend to clog the coil faster as the e-liquid is thicker. This can also be because of the flavour as dessert and sweet flavours.


Vape coils are essential in vaping, they are easier to pick than expected. Please make sure you choose the correct coil for your vape kit and tank. Remember, vaping is all about trial and error! We hope this guide has helped you and given more confidence in deciding which e-liquid to use with which coil.

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