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History of Vaping

March 15, 2021 3 min read

History of Vaping


History of E-cigarettes:


The e-cigarettes we know and love was officially invented back in 2003 by Hon Lik. Believe it or not, back in 1963, Herbert A. Gilbert filed a patent for “smokeless, non-tobacco cigarette” the vapourising of a flavoured cartridge, however, this never went into production. The reason this didn’t go into production was because back then, the battery technology was not advanced enough to hold as much power and also due to smoking being more accepted than it is today. No smoking bans in restaurants, bars and aeroplanes.

“You’re looking at the 1960s, though. Women smoked while baking cupcakes, men smoked...well, any time they were awake. Big Tobacco? Aside from getting mega rich, they were busy chemically tweaking nicotine to make it more addictive.”


In 2003 the world is different to the 1960’s, smoking bans became more common and more people turned against smoking as the health risks became better known. Hon Lik’s father had dies from lung cancer which gave Hon Lik the push to invent something that will give people the experience of smoking but without the risks. Luckily, this could now be done as there are powerful enough batteries that power portable electronics, the lithium ion (li-ion).

2006 - 2010:

E-cigarettes started to get more noticeable in the US and UK as since then they’ve been developed and improved at an amazing rate. In 2006 two British vapers invented the cartomizer, which combined the atomiser and cartridge. This caused less leakage, better flavour and performance as each cartomiser used was brand new. Due to cartomisers, e-cigarettes became really practical and sales increased rapidly but not as successful as today.

In 2010, the second wave of e-cigarette products appeared, the eGo’s. This was a pivotal moment for vaping as people could switch between different flavours. Some enthusiasts started to modify their flashlights by screwing on a cartomizer instead of a bulb. This Idea was picked up by Chinese manufacturers which quickly developed into different styles of mods including mechanical mods and regulated mods.

2015 – Present:

For a product that hasn’t been on the market for that long, electronic cigarettes have developed with incredible speed. The newest models have more battery, features such as temperature control, curve mode, TCR, bypass mode (Making it mechanical), big mod, slim mod and many more… These are all far ahead of Hon Lik’s original design, however they are made for the same reason. To try a switch as many smokers to vapers so that they live a healthier lifestyle.

Due to the technological advancement, flavours back in the day were tobacco, a single fruit or mint. But nowadays you can get blends such as strawberry & cream or crème brulee or even lemon tart. In addition to this, nicotine salts which are great for those looking to quit smoking as it is the closest feel to a cigarette now exist.

Pod Kits were big a few years back however, now they have made a return. We think this is due to nicotine salts being on the rise… Pod Kits are still the easiest way to vape and even easier to maintain. The pods easily snap into place, prefilled or refillable.


We can see that e-cigarettes have made a massive impact on the world. We can also see that the design of e-cigarettes has dramatically changed since the first one made by Hon Lik. But the purpose of e-cigarettes is still the same… to live a healthier lifestyle.

If you have any questions regarding vape kits or anything else vape related. We are on hand to offer support and advice whether it's by phone, store or live chat via our website.

Vapox Team

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